Year 8 have food for thought

Year 8 are starting a topic on Life Processes. We learned a mnemonic to help us remember the seven nutrient groups – McDonalds Fast Food Will Virtually Constipate People, which stands for Mineral, Fat, Fibre, Water, Vitamins, Carbohydrates and Protein. The question is are we getting a balance of all of these and not too much fat sugar and salt?

We played a game called Food for Thought, a card game invented by Mrs Angell to learn which foods give us which nutrients. Its a bit like Happy Families (some Year 8s admitted to never having  played Happy Families! – alas their education is wanting) where you have to collect one of each food group. Here is Patrick puzzling over how to categorise his card, and Gracie and Gina preparing for the next round. And their task for Wednesday – make a healthy, appealing and tasty cereal and bring it in to school…IMG_1002 IMG_1001