Summer Music Exam Results

We have had a few music exam results in the last few dates that are very pleasing and can’t wait until September to share! Huge congratulations to:

  • Freya A – grade 6 piano, merit
  • Pip J – grade 6 singing
  • Hattie T – grade 5 trumpet, merit
  • Fran J – grade 5 music theory
  • Gracie F – grade 5 music theory
  • Caitlin M – grade 5 music theory
  • Antonia V – grade 5 music theory
  • Lucas H – grade 3 violin, merit
  • Annabelle L – grade 2 music theory
  • Patrick B – grade 1 trombone, distinction
  • Siddharth B – grade 1 music theory, distinction
  • Henry B – grade 1 electric guitar

Parents, please help your child to practise over the summer holidays. It is a great chance for them to have unpressurised time to play and explore new pieces. It is also important that children don’t lose the muscles, dexterity and confidence that they have built up. It can be very demoralising to have backwards in standard once September comes around. Consider making practice charts with rewards, using games like drawing names of pieces/scales out of a hat and setting a challenge to learn to play/sing Dad’s/Granny’s/Aunty Jane’s favourite piece. See if your child can teach you something! Don’t let holidays be a barrier to musical development – take the instrument (most are portable) or find an app that means that some type of practice can take place.

If anyone is still considering music lessons for their child, please contact me on We have teachers covering violin, flute, clarinet, guitar, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, piano, singing, drums and ukulele.

Mrs Ashwin