Stoneygate v Wellingborough

The year 4 girls had their last rounders match against Wellingborough yesterday.

The team: Eliza(Captain), Millie, Gizella, Joanna, Ivana, Amy, Tasia, Evie and Alice    (yr 3).

The girls chose Eliza as Captain as it was their last match together and Eliza was delighted.  Stoneygate batted first and scored 4.5 rounders in the first innings.  Wellingborough managed to just score 2 when they came in to bat due to some tight fielding from Amy and Joanna.

During the second innings Stoneygate scored a further 10 rounders, with full rounders from Evie (3), Millie (2) and Ivana (1).  It was a big score to chase but Wellingborough went for it scoring 8 rounders from some excellent batting.

Final Score:  Stoneygate 14.5, Wellingborough 11

Player of the match (chosen by the Wellingborough girls for her fabulous bowling and batting)  – Millie

Well played everybody.

Mrs Ward