U’10 Rounders v Twycross

Team: Millie P (Captain), Milly B, Daisy, Tallulah, Annie, Polly, Liana and Hattie

RESULT: Stoneygate 15 – Twycross 8

It was an incredibly windy day at Twycross and it affected the game! So much so that the bowled ball, brilliantly managed by Milly B and Millie P, was blown off course during the majority of the game. It brought about an unusual situation but the Stoneygate girls adapted well and ‘dug deep’ with their efforts! It was a brilliant win and truly deserved by this strong team of girls!

Back-up was impressive! Everywhere the opposing ball went, layers of Stoneygate girls moved into place-Perfect!
Whole rounders, or more, were scored by 4 out of the 8 girls and the highest scorer of the day was Captain Millie P who clouted the ball so hard and scored 3 rounders.

Some particularly alert fielding was seen by Tallulah, Daisy and Hattie, each of them watching and reacting to the opposition’s movement very well. Twycross did have two excellent hitters but strong fielding meant they were able to do limited damage to the Stoneygate score sheet.

After the first innings, Stoneygate were ahead by 7 1/2 to 3 and with growing confidence throughout the second innings plus their management of the harsh wind they produced a further 7 1/2 rounders to Twycross’s 5.

A solid and confident performance, well done girls!

Special mention – to Milly B who gave away NO bowling no-balls in very difficult conditions-how did she do it!?

Player of the match – to Captain Millie P for her bowling, whole-game concentration and superb hitting.

Mrs S. Frisby