Babygigs Concert – featuring Mr Ashwin

Mr Ashwin, our singing and piano teacher, will be performing a special concert for young children on Saturday 30th May. The concert is part of a series called ‘Babygigs’ and aims to bring classical music to young children in relaxed surroundings. The children are free to dance, draw, wriggle and generally enjoy the music. There is no pressure on the adults to make them sit still and be quiet! The recommended age for children is 0 – 8, although all are welcome. Refreshments are served after the concert. The concert takes place at the Jubilee Hall, Congregational Church, Market Harborough and starts at 10.30am (doors open at 10.15am). Tickets are £4 each (£10 for 1 adult and 2 children). For more details about the concert series, please see the Babygigs page on Facebook and Twitter.

 babygigs logo    Andrew Ashwin photo

Mrs Ashwin