Spring Music Exam Results

The recent ABRSM Music Exam results have been very pleasing. The pupils had to go to The Holiday Inn in Leicester (a slightly bizarre location) and performed very well. There are a lot of super piano exam results and these are even more impressive when you consider that they are taken on a totally unfamiliar piano. Each instrument has a different weight, feel and height and the performer must adapt immediately to the new sound. All pupils who take music exams must work very hard to prepare for them – well done to everyone.

I must also highlight Mrs Jakeman’s achievement – grade 1 distinction on the piano!!

  • Jemima M – C – Grade 1 piano
  • Annabelle L – Grade 1 music theory
  • Clemmie P – Grade 1 music theory with merit
  • Milly B – Grade 1 piano with merit
  • Annie R – Grade 1 piano with merit
  • Millie P – Grade 1 flute with distinction
  • Evie S – Grade 1 flute with distinction
  • Will Mc – Grade 1 piano with distinction
  • Gracie F – Grade 1 piano with distinction
  • Mrs Jakeman – Grade 1 piano with distinction
  • Liana B – Grade 1 music theory with distinction
  • Ivana P – Grade 2 singing with distinction
  • Annabelle L – Grade 3 flute
  • Clemmie P – Grade 3 piano with merit
  • Hattie T – Grade 3 singing with distinction
  • Freya A – Grade 5 music theory
  • Georgina T – Grade 5 music theory
  • Georgina T – Grade 5 clarinet with merit

Many thanks to the parents for encouraging your children and supporting their practice and to the teachers for excellent preparation.

Mrs Ashwin