Now wash your hands year 6!

Year six are learning about microbes and health. We investigated areas around the school, poking about with cotton buds and smearing deposits onto plates of agar jelly. We left one section of the agar untouched, so we could make proper comparisons and we learned that this is called a CONTROL experiment. We left the plates for a week, carefully sealed.

Here a some of our results!  We found the most microbes on the bannister and the sink!

The green and furry circles are moulds (fungi) and the shiny round ones are colonies of bacteria. Our thanks to Mrs Musto taking the plates to her secondary school for autoclaving to destruction.l We don’t want any of these baddies to escape.

Now you wonder why we’re always on at you to wash your hands before lunch year 6!

IMG_0239 IMG_0240 IMG_0241