Everyone came out in force to view the solar eclipse of the century! Using a pin hole projector cunningly constructed by Mrs Angell out of a cardboard box and some foil, with the image of the sun projecting onto a piece of white card (or Mr Morris’s pin hole piece of paper projecting onto his notebook, which somewhat annoyingly worked just as well!)  we watched as the moon blocked out most of the sun’s disc. Declan and Caitlin had special glasses and a parent had brought in a welding mask, so between us we had a variety of views of the magical sun apparently being eaten up by the Moon Monster. We soon realised that our image on the screen was upside-down, with the crescent appearing at the top, due to the light rays being inverted as they cross over through the hole and enter the box.

Here we are experiencing the solar eclipse in the playground:

7784903784_ebca10d050_z[1]at the beginning…


The tiny image on the screen


Year 7 look inside the pinhole projector


Declan looking directly at the sun through his special glasses.