U13 & U11 Girls Squash v Maidwell

On Monday 16th March

This was our first girls squash match and we played it at Leicester Squash Club, a great venue. We were due to play our U13 girls against Maidwells U13s. Unfortunately our Year 8 girls were all out on a trip so we put out our year 7s instead against their year 7 & 8s. As it happens, although Maidwell were pretty strong, our year 7s played extremely well and actually were probably better matched than our year 8s would have been. They are no where near as experienced but everyone showed great determination. As the matches progressed, our girls grew in confidence and produced some excellent shots.

The U11s, apart from U10 Milly B, were very inexperienced as they have played very little squash. You would never have known though as they showed how, having played tennis, they could adapt well to squash.

Everyone played 2 matches, each match of 3 games, the results were as follows:

1. Gracie F Won 3-0 & Won 3-0
2. Antonia V Lost 0-3 & Lost 0-3
3. Clemmy P Lost 0-3 & Lost 1-2
4. Freya A. Won 3-0 & Won 3-0
5. Pippa N. Lost 0-3 & Won 2-1
6. Francesca E Lost 0-3 & Lost 0-3

1. Milly B. Won 2-1 & Won 3-0
2. Bea R. Lost 1-2 & Lost 0-3
3. Emily M. Won 3-0 & Won 2-1
4. Jasmine M-C Lost 0-3 & Lost 0-3

Overall scores: U13s lost 2-4 & drew 3-3
U11s drew 2-2 & drew 2-2

Everyone played really well and with the usual Stoneygate spirit but I must particularly mention Freya and Emily (playing their first school matches) and Gracie and Milly who all won both of their matches.

Great support from parents too. Thank you.

C. Abbott