Colts Soccer B, C & D V Witham Hall & Copthill

On Wednesday 11th March Stoneygate Colts B, C and D teams travelled to Witham to play in a three team tournament involving Copthill.

The B team consisted of Karan M, George H, Tom M, George B, Daniel R, Bertie L and Will M.


Stoneygate B 4 – 2 Copthill B (Will M x2, D Rhodes x2)

Stoneygate B 1 – 1 Witham B (Will M)

The C team consisted of Lucas H, George C, Alex B, Oliver H, James B, Max H and Kian D.


Stoneygate C 5 – 0 Copthill C (Kian D x4, James B)

Stoneygate C 1 – 1 Witham C (Oliver)

The D team consisted of Alex M, Thomas W, Declan M, Edward B, Henry T and George A.


Stoneygate D 3 – 4 Witham (Henry T)