Under 11 Leicester Grammar Netball Tournament

Stoneygate took all their year 6 girls to the Leicester Grammar Netball Tournament this afternoon.  The girls have worked hard over the last two weeks practising their attacking and defending skills, all of which they put to good use today.  The girls should be extremely proud of themselves for their individual effort, team work and work rate.

Stamford were our first opponents and we made a confident start with two early goals.  Stamford responded with 1 and we scored a third, giving us a comfortable win.  We then played Ratcliff in an end to end game, narrowly losing by 3 goals to 5.  The girls fought hard against Witham who took an early lead, but we came back hard in the second half, scoring more goals than they did.  The final score was Witham 7, Stoneygate 4.  We didn’t have such a good game against a strong and fast Leicester Grammar team and slightly lost our structure and focus, losing 7-1.  However, we managed to regain our composure for our final match against Brooke Priory, which was so close and could have gone either way.  Brooke just clinched the win with a goal on the whistle.  The final score was Brooke 6, Stoneygate 5.  Brooke won the tournament overall, which shows how well the Stoneygate girls played.

Izzy(Captain)  should be highly commended for her efforts today and was voted player of the match by all the teams we played.  Izzy scored 10 goals, intercepted many passes, always found space and played with such determination and vigour.  Fantastic Izzy.

Special mention should also go to Emily and Jasmine who played in different positions today.  Jasmine worked tirelessly in defence, giving her opponents little chance of getting the ball and also had an impressive game at centre.  Emily made a big impact as shooter, dodging out and finding space superbly, even though the pass didn’t always come her way.  Emily scored 5 goals.  Brilliant girls.

Bea had some tough opponents, but made some fabulous interceptions and Annabelle and Beattie should be very proud of their fabulous work in defence.  Jess had a good afternoon and used her dodging skills to the teams advantage.  Well done also to Megan, Erin and Rebecca for working hard in some tough games.

Stoneygate finished 4th overall.     Very well done to all the year 6 girls.

Mrs Ward