Boys Squash v Witham

On Wednesday 11th March.

We played at Leicester Squash Club. As we had plenty of time all the matches were best of 5 games. Due to illness, we lost our no. 1, Will J, but Patrick B as reserve stepped in at the last moment.

Results as follows:

1. Finley F. – Lost 0-3
2. George W. – Won 3-0
3. Oliver M. – Won 3-0
4. Patrick B – Won 3-0
5. Jake C. – Lost 1-3

Fin had a tough match against a very hard hitting opponent who placed the ball very accurately. Fin chased everything down but when under so much pressure, found it hard to put the ball away from his opponent, often leaving it open for a winner.

George’s squash has improved so much this term. He is now hitting the ball to a length and forcing his opponent into the back corners where it is difficult to retrieve the ball from.

Oliver served particularly well today, placing the ball deep and wide. His opponent struggled to return quite a few of them. This gave him confidence during the rallies as he dominated the ‘T’.

Patrick is really beginning to drive the ball to a good length straight into the back corners then, when he has an opportunity, he plays the ball short, moving his player around the court. He was too strong for his opponent, winning fairly easily.

Jake had the closest match of the day but his opponent was a good player with a good serve and Jake often struggled to return it. With more confidence, a volley would have kept him in the rallies.

Overall score: Stoneygate won 3-2

Well done to everyone.

C. Abbott