U’10A Netball v Stamford (A) – 6/3/2015

It has been a busy netball week and this fixture completed it in fine style!

Team: Tallulah, Milly B (Captain), Millie P, Daisy, Jemima, Hattie, Liana and Katie
RESULT: Stoneygate 10 – Stamford 8 (Milly 5 goals, Tallulah 5 goals)

This game was used to try out a few different combinations, positions and moves, the idea being to give the girls further experience as they near the end of the season and look towards next year! This ‘experiment’ got a little tricky as Stamford improved their play as the game progressed. However, we stuck to our plan and the U’10s showed how versatile a team they are by coping with some difficulties, playing strongly as a squad and pulling their game together to achieve the win. What a real strength they have!

Millie P played 3/4 of this match, as WA. Millie showed how, steadily over the season, she has made huge improvements, in her movement skills (super dodger!) and certainly her passing of the ball, which is now very much stronger and filled with confidence. Well done Millie! She also popped over to the B team match to help out with shooting and not only scored 4 goals (in one quarter!) but she was voted ‘Man of the Match’by Stamford. With some experience gained by going to the Oakham Tournament earlier in the week, Millie is certainly a player to watch for the future…

At half time the score was 5-4 to Stoneygate, at 3/4 time it was 6-6 and so going into the final quarter and following an interesting team talk! the girls approached this with true Stoneygate grit!

Milly B and Tallulah were showing their finest skills within the shooting circle, moving so effectively and working together. They scored 4 important goals. Daisy went back to her and the team’s favoured WD position and produced some excellent mid-court interceptions which were vital to back-up our attack, Jemima made an appearance at WA and played superbly, finding the shooters well and Katie continued her intelligent play and well timed passes at C. Some excellent supportive play between the team, plus hard work, over powered the Stamford side. Hattie and Liana were alert and leaping! and allowed only 2 Stamford goals to beat them. A hard fought win, excellent! Thanks go to mums and dads for the cheering, much needed!

Special mention goes to Milly B for her constant, tireless, hard work!

PLAYER OF THE DAY AND BOTH MATCHES !!! goes to Millie P for all the wonderful reasons written above.

Mrs S. Frisby