13C Netball Team dominate Witham Hall.

On a very windy afternoon, it was great to see how much this team have improved their Netball. The girls, Caitlin, Charlotte N, Mia, Charlotte W, Clemmie, Fran and Rakhi, were extremely strong opponents for Witham’s C team. They only allowed them to score one goal in the whole match. A special mention goes to Caitlin, who had exceptional defensive skills. Along with Charlotte, in the shooting cirlcle, they made it too difficult for Witham to score. The ball was then brought down the court at fast pace, with Stoneygate driving onto the ball and giving our shooters lots of opportunities to make a superb winning score of 19-1. Well done to all the girls who have really improved their game awareness and are now using another channel of the court when the game gets crowded. Clemmie deserves ‘Player of the Match’ for good, strong throwing and her movement both onto and off the ball. 

Well done to all!

Mrs Rowe