Year 4 boys Hockey


Last week the year 4 boys played hockey at home against the Stamford B team.

The team:  Ed, William, Arush, Freddie, James, Harry, Dylan and Harris(Captain)

The boys have a good grounding of the basic hockey skills and used them well throughout the match.  During the first half Ed put away a sneaky goal to put us in the lead at half time.

During the second half the match was very even until the last five minutes when we stepped up a gear.  Dylan and William sopped Stamford from attempting to score with some great block tackling and used their skills to push the ball back up the pitch to the midfielders.  There were goals from Harry, Arush, Freddie and Harris.

Players of the match:  Harris and Ed for excellent ball control and great attacking play

Moment of the match:  Arush’s goal – Fantastic

Final Score:     Stoneygate 5, Stamford 1

Well played boys.