Under 10 Netballers on Tip Top Form v Bilton Grange – 11/2/2015

What an exciting match! The U’10 A Team has worked extremely hard in training recently, listening hard, learning new skills and thinking hard. In this match they transferred these skills and put everything into action – it was a privilege to umpire this match!

Team: Tallulah, Milly B (Capt.), Katie, Fran, Daisy, Jemima, Liana, Hattie
RESULT: Stoneygate 12 – Bilton Grange 5

Stoneygate took the first centre pass and a delighted Katie and Milly B put their ‘secret’ receipt of this into use – The Stack! Katie always has a mischievous look on her face as they set this up and Milly just says “it works every time, hee hee”. Perfect delivery of the centre pass by Fran and the first goal for Stoneygate was scored within the first 30 seconds. How smug everyone looked!
A very effective start was made and Stoneygate ‘turned over’ play several times due to their tight 1-1 marking. Hattie really shone in this quarter as she watched both her opponent and the ball with absolute concentration (Hattie’s favourite netball word!) and stole the ball before it reached the GS.

A 4-2 lead going into the 2nd quarter and Bilton were finding it difficult to match the speed of the Stoneygate flat and accurate pass. Katie delivered some stunning passes into Milly and Tallulah, so much so that we heard Liana’s Dad say ‘wow’ as he supported at the side of the court. It certainly was, and Katie’s pass is vital to our super attack. Her early vision of the free player is outstanding and her pass cuts diagonally through play, arriving safely in the hands of Tallulah or Milly. Stoneygate steamed ahead in this quarter and scored 4 goals to Bilton’s 1, the score was now 8-3. Jemima stood out as she supported the back line pass and helped to progress the ball securely into attack. She plays a fast and leapy WD position and is always ready to react quickly.

By the third quarter Stoneygate relaxed and played such flowing netball. Fran was intercepting the ball all over the court and really enjoying herself! Her fitness is such an asset and she never stops working hard and anticipating the ball. Her reactions are quick and she links the defence and attack superbly, her netball really maturing. In defence, Daisy came on as WD to consolidate her own play and that of the team before the Oakham Tournament. She made some important interceptions in mid-court and stopped Bilton’s attack. We just need to tighten up her forward pass but this is easily sorted. Her marking of the ball is excellent and her judgement of her marking distance is now very accurate. Well done in this match Daisy. Stoneygate 11-Bilton 4.

The final quarter and Bilton had made a few changes but our strong defence were playing with such determination, leaping high, tipping and intercepting the ball. Liana played her usual stunning GD and she commanded the Bilton attacking third. She is so aware of play and the ball position and always plays such an intelligent game. The team depend so much on Liana and her link and understanding with Hattie is solid!

Congratulations must go to our 2 skilful shooters, Tallulah (5 goals) and Milly (7) who played using superb movement within the shooting circle, working together well and offering their free space continually to Katie and Fran. The whole team can rely on them – well done girls, tremendous shooting!

The perfect match before the Tournament! Many thanks to our supportive spectators – we would very much like to see you at Oakham.
Player of the match and day goes to confident Katie for her ‘wow’ passes into the shooting circle. Brilliant!

Mrs S. Frisby