Under 10 A Netball v Fairfield – 28/1/2015

Team: Tallulah, Milly B (Captain), Katie, Fran, Jemima, Liana and Hattie
Result: Stoneygate 9 – Fairfield 6

It was a freezing cold afternoon at school as the Under 10 A Team took on the notoriously difficult and large Fairfield school. However, Stoneygate were ‘on fire’!

A brisk start was made and Milly B shot 3 confidently taken goals, with Fairfield struggling to break down Stoneygate’s leapy defence of Liana, Jemima and Hattie – they intercepted every ball which came towards the Fairfield shooting circle. Hattie was especially successful with her amazingly tight ‘T’ marking, giving her GS no room to move. Fairfield were unable to score.

The second 1/4 saw Tallulah relax and pick up her beautifully flowing shooting action, she too scored 3 goals and Milly B a further 1. Fairfield settled and were able to score 2 goals, but a 7-2 lead was a great start. In this quarter Katie produced some direct, fast and flat shoulder passes into the circle which cut their way through the Fairfield attack. Katie’s timing of the pass was perfect and she never failed to find Tallulah or Milly B within the shooting circle. What a valuable skill Katie has. Fran was a real strength at C and the link she has with Katie is strong, both supporting each other completely. Fran worked hard to be the reliable and vital link between the attack and defence and her positional awareness is now very clear. A super game Fran!

Fairfield made some drastic changes, placing a taller player at GA. This made a difference and they produced 4 goals, the score now 7-6 and Stoneygate missed several shots but scored none! Important team talk needed!

You could ‘see’ that there was no way that these girls were going to lose this match and immediately the final quarter started they began to show true Stoneygate feisty play. Fairfield’s first centre pass was stolen by Liana as she ‘flew’ through the air after close marking of her GA – wow, just what the team needed. Milly B scored from Liana’s interception and the fight back began. The score was now 8-6. Jemima, who has now worked out her important role at WD jumped so high and reacted so quickly in the centre/defending thirds. She made life very difficult for her opposing WA and the enjoyment of her interceptions was clearly seen on her smiling face! Great game Jemima. Liana and Hattie allowed no goals in and their defending and close marking was excellent. Fairfield were unable to score.

In the final few minutes Tallulah sealed the game with one of her long distance shots which swooshed! the net as it passed through. Final score, 9-6, and the pressure of the last quarter had brought out the best from these girls. Special mention goes to everyone – every girl played their part in this victory. Player of the match and of the day goes to Milly B who was outstanding! She shot accurately, moved skilfully into space at the right time, successfully won her centre passes (one of the moves was quickly learnt in the warm-up!), defended the ball so maturely and just to top all that she was picked out by the Fairfield teacher for her amazing play and fitness. So well done Milly, what a tremendous game.

A joy to umpire, thank you girls.
(Massive thanks to our loyal supporters – Mums, Dads and Grand parents – on such a cold day)
Mrs S. Frisby