Years 3 and 4 Netball

Stoneygate V Grace Dieu Manor

The very excited year 3 and 4 girls were hosts to Grace Dieu Manor on Thursday for netball matches. Grace Dieu had enough girls for three 5 aside matches, so we split into 3 teams and all the girls played a full match.

It was very evident from the start that Grace Dieu were not as experienced as the Stoneygate girls in two of the games, so we moved our girls into new positions and had lots of different girls shooting and gaining experience in different positions, to even up the games a little.

Special mention to Gizella Perrins who very thoughtfully looked after the younger year 3 girls in her team and the Grace Dieu Girls by showing them their positions and encouraging them throughout. Gizella also scored 4 goals. Very well done.

Stoneygate won by 11-1 and 9-1 and lost the third match 4-3.

Well done to all the girls.