Preparation for Music Performances in the Arts Festival

Preparation for the Arts Festival is underway and children in years 3 – 8 need to be making sure they have something ready to play in the auditions.

The classes for Arts Festival 2015 will be almost identical to 2014: solo singing and solo instrumental. Two finalists will be chosen from each year group to perform in the Hall on Tuesday 24 March.

Auditions will be held in Mrs Ashwin’s music lessons in the week beginning Monday 23 February. All pupils who are learning singing or an instrument either in or out of school will be expected to audition. This is a lovely opportunity for the pupils to hear their friends perform and a relatively informal way to gain performance experience.

Parents, please make sure that external music teachers know about this audition week. There is no minimum/maximum requirement for difficulty standard or timing and no theme. It is really about preparing and performing a piece that shows each musician at their best. I am happy to accompany in the audition, or not, as is best for each child. However, if a child would like accompaniment in the audition, they will need to bring the piano part to the audition.

I am really looking forward to hearing everyone perform. We have a huge amount of musical talent at Stoneygate School!

Mrs Ashwin