U10B Girls Netball v Wellingborough

U10B Girls Netball v Wellingborough – Away
On Wednesday 14th January

Team: Daisy P (Capt.), Millie P, Millie , Polly M, Annie G, Jessica S and Rebecca M.

Wellingborough had a ‘B’ and ‘C’ team so we played their ‘B’ team for two quarters and then their ‘C’ team for two quarters.

Due to illness, the U10Bs were two players short and so borrowed a couple of U11 girls to help out. Both Jessica and Rebecca played in defence and prevented the Wellingborough shooters having many opportunities to score. Jessica was awesome as she appeared to intercept the ball almost every time it went towards the Wellingborough circle.

Both Millie’s worked well together with Polly and Annie, creating a chain of passes in to Daisy who would then shoot for goal. She scored 3 goals in the first quarter!

In the second quarter we played well but missed any scoring opportunities that we had. The girls are learning to try and find space and to look up and be able to see the person in their team that they are about to pass to. Ocassionally they get carried away and throw the ball too quickly and give the possession away. There is still lots to learn but these girls show great potential.

Result v Wellingborough ‘B’ team – Stoneygate won 3-0

After a quick swap we played the Wellingborough ‘C’ team. This team was not quite as strong but nevertheless good opposition for our first team outing. Losing was never an option for our team. All the girls showed great determination, fighting for the ball until the final whistle. Daisy scored another 3 goals and Millie P scored 1. Another fine result against a large School with far more girls than we have. Congratulations and keep it up!

Result v Wellingborough ‘C’ team – Stoneygate won 4-0

Special mention to Millie P for her super vision and speed and accuracy on the court

Player of the match – Daisy for fantastic Captaincy and for scoring 6 goals

C. Abbott