Colts B Soccer v Maidwell Hall 14/1/15

On Wednesday the Colts B soccer team played their first match of the season, away in the picturesque grounds of Maidwell Hall.
The team consisted of Will M (goalkeeper), Will McE, Karan M, Sidd B (captain), Spike M, Oliver H and Kian D.

This proved to be a hugely entertaining match. It had eight goals, three changes of lead, four comeback goals, three ‘wonder’ goals, three hit goal posts, one own goal, one missed penalty and great spirit and teamwork from both sides.

In the first half the score went 1-0, thanks to a Maidwell own goal, 1-1, 1-2 then 2-2, thanks to a Spike free kick that David Beckham would have been proud to have scored (the first of his two ‘wonder’ goals). Right near the end of the half Maidwell scored again to lead 2-3.

Throughout the second half Stoneygate showed a little more skill in possession than their opponents. Sidd, Oliver, Kian, Karan, Spike and Will McE all looked calm on the ball and we developed our play patiently. Maidwell were more physical in their approach, but it was effective and they deserved their lead.
Will McE was outstanding in defence and I had decided to give him the ‘Man of the Match’ award after just ten minutes of play. Will M looked composed in goal and could do little with each of Maidwell’s goals. Hence, all of the boys contributed to a proper team performance.

Trailing 2-3 it looked like we may miss out, but the best was yet to come.
Firstly, Spike crossed in a super ball from a free kick, Kian headed it goalwards, for what would have been an early contender for ‘goal of the season’, only for it to crash against the post and to bounce away.
Minutes later Kian did hit the target, taking us to 3-3, after some fine build up play.
Then Spike picked up the ball inside his own half and set off on a dribbling run. He beat one, two, three, four players and then smashed the ball past the goalkeeper – a goal that is unlikely to be bettered all season and an event that the ‘Champagne Moment’ award was invented for. Thus the score moved to 4-3 and the lead returned to Stoneygate.
The game looked won, until almost the final play of the match when Maidwell scored their own ‘wonder’ goal. It was a superb volley from well outside the area. As the final whistle sounded the score was left at 4-4.

In the final reckoning it was a fair result, as neither team deserved to lose and ‘football was the true winner’!