Year 8 Celebrate La Fête des Rois


8DP and 8FJ celebrated the Epiphany, French-style, on Friday morning.  Madame Palfreyman had very kindly brought, from France, some special cakes – les galettes des rois – which are customarily eaten by French families on January 6th. Each cake contains a small charm (une fève), usually a figure from the nativity.  The youngest member of the family hides under the table, and calls out, one by one, the name of each family member, who then receives a piece of the galette.  When everyone has a slice of cake, they eat it carefully, to discover who has the ‘fève‘.  That person is then ‘crowned’ king, or queen, for the day!

George Ward was the youngest of the group today, so he hid under the teacher’s desk, and called out all the names of his friends and classmates. After eating the 3 delicious galettes (which are puff-pastry tarts filled with either a frangipane or apple mix), we discovered that Tej, Caitlin and Sophie were king and queens for the day, and they were duly crowned.

Un peu de culture française à Stoneygate ce matin!