Boys and Girls squash v Uppingham

Boys and Girls Squash v Uppingham
On Sunday 30 th November – Away

We put out 7 boys and 7 girls to play against Uppingham U14s. Each person played 3 games up to 15 points, regardless of the score, resulting in a score of either 3-0 or 2-1. There were some extremely close matches, many playing the final game as a decider.

First on court was Phillip W, playing against ex Stoneygate pupil Sam A. Phillip, who was unbeaten this season, played in front of a packed audience and lifted his game. Although he lost 3-0, he fought hard and made it very difficult for his opponent and finished with a very respectable score.

Archie, at no. 2, had little trouble despatching his player with some excellent skills, moving his opponent around the court. Finlay F won his match dropping only 6 points in 3 games, showing great improvement since the beginning of term.

Freddie M, Miles J, Max W and Oliver M had very close, competitive games, all going to the final game to decide their matches.

The girls fixture saw Lara P, Annie R and Joni H all making their squash team debuts. Lara had a super match with her opponent, and after a rather nervous start, she won the last game once she had relaxed a little. Annie and Joni both battled hard and were unlucky to lose but had extremely close matches.

Gracie had to keep her concentration and continue hitting the ball deep into the back corners against a very quick opponent who covered the court well. Caitlin, at no. 2, had the crowd on the edge of their seats. At 1-1, the final game was neck and neck all the way and from 14 all, both girls had chances to win the match but finally Caitlin sucumbed and went down 20-18 after such an exhausting match. Charlotte W played intelligently against a strong player but found it difficult to break her game pattern. A spirited performance though.
Playing at no. 1 Sophie E played against an opponent who would beat most of their boys team. She struggled to return the girls serve but battled hard and went down fighting.

This was an excellent fixture for both schools, with so many closely fought games.
Congratulations to all the players, as always they were impecibly behaved on court and off. Thank you also to all the Stoneygate parents who gave up a large part of their Sunday to transport and support their children.

1. Phillip lost 0-3
2. Archie G won 3-0
3. Freddie M won 2-1
4. Max W won 2-1
5. Miles J lost 1-2
6. Finlay F won 3-0
7 Oliver M won 2-1

1. Sophie E lost 0-3
2. Caitlin G lost 1-2
3. Gracie F won 3-0
4. Lara P lost 1-2
5. Charlotte W lost 1-2
6. Annie R lost 0-3
7. Joni H lost 3-0

All the players played at least one more match after with very pleasing results.

C. Abbott