Death in the Afternoon

It’s a cocktail, made with Absinthe, but it has nothing on Year 8’s fruity cocktails made this morning. No tequila in sight, but Tej made one which looked very like it out of coke and ginger (I think). Tequila Blast it was called. It sat happily alongside Winter Dazzler, Private Island and Strawberry Surprise, all made with ingredients chosen from an array of juices, fruits, and spices.

It was part of our chemistry work  on elements, compounds and mixtures. With the emphasis on mixtures. Ok, it was a treat to round off a very hard term’s work before their exams start on Monday, but hopefully they wont forget what a mixture is now either.

Thanks go to Mrs Jelly, Mrs Bullers, Mr Morris and Mrs McGrath for giving up their time to help judge the cocktails, which were marked on appearance, poster design  and of course, taste. The winner in 8FJ was Will with Fran and Annie close behind, and in 8DP the winner was Charlotte, with Patrick in second and and Rakh coming in third. Well done everyone!

IMG_5912 IMG_5913 - Copy  IMG_5914 IMG_5915 IMG_5916 IMG_5917 IMG_5918 IMG_5919 IMG_5920 IMG_5921 IMG_5922