Squash v Stamford

Boys Squash v Stamford
On Monday 3rd November – away

I took 8 players to Stamford to play their boys team. Unfortunately they were not very strong and we won each match very easily, apart from their no. 1 who was quite a decent player. Although he pushed Phillip all the way, Phillip won 2-1. We were far more experienced than they were. For the second set of matches the Stamford players were given a six point start in each game. We still won convincingly. Finally our players ranked 5 – 8 played their players ranked 2 – 5. We still won but the matches were far closer. Their no. 1 player also played Archie and Freddie. Both matches were close but we managed to win both.

Our team was as follows:
1. Phillip W (Capt.)
2. Archie G
3. Freddie M
4. Max W
5. Miles J
6. Oliver M
7. Finlay F
8. Felix B

Congratulations to all our players, particularly Felix, making his debut for the squash team.

C. Abbott