Oh Mrs Angell what have you done?!

came the cry as 8DP entered their science lesson this morning. I was wearing a pained expression and sporting a nasty gash down my face. The skin was peeling from my bruised and scraped arm and it was all I could do to stem the flow of blood. I assured them I was just suffering shock after a fall from my bike on my way to school this morning and Matron did not need to be called. I’d be fine. By the time we were half way through our dvd about first aid,  the scales were beginning to fall from their eyes and they realised it was all a make up fake. After a lesson all about the ABC of first aid and what to look for in stroke and heart attack victims, how to treat burns and how to get into the recovery position, the students were let loose with the face paints and fake blood. Some of them slightly overdid it, I think, but who knows which gullible parents will gasp in shock. Perhaps if you are keeping up to date with the blog, you’ll be a step ahead of them this afternoon!

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