U13 boys and girls squash v Oakham

U13 Boys and Girls squash v Oakham
On Friday 10th October – Away

We travelled to Oakham for the second week running to play them at squash. This time I took a stronger side to hopefully match their standard so that the games would be far closer.

Freddie M played at no 1 for the boys and put up a great fight. She played a boy that hit the ball particularly hard. Always up for a challenge, Freddie dealt with most of his powerful serves by taking the pace off the ball. She lost 0-2 but both games were very close and competitive. In her second match , she played another hard hitter but served far tighter, preventing a winning return off the serve and therefore once in the rally, she could compete equally. She fought hard for a 2-1 win.

Will J at no 2, had two cracking games, both were against thoughtful players who played the ball accurately. Although he went down 1-2 in both matches. they were satisfying results as Will played well.

Both Oliver M and Fin F had close games. They concentrated well and recorded fine wins in both of their games.

Jake C again performed well winning one game and losing the other. The smile on his face after both games showed how much he had enjoyed playing and what a fantastic personality he has. Even though he always tries his hardest, he takes his loses in his stride.

Miles found his first opponent quite tricky to play but battled hard losing 0-2. He won his final match fairly comfortably.

Molly J and Antonia made their squash team debuts. Molly won both of her matches quite convincingly and Antonia recorded a win and a loss. Both girls should be proud of their performances.

Gracie showed off her racket skills defeating both of her opponents very easily. She finally played against a boy who proved to be a far more difficult opponent. Having won the first game, she narrowly lost the next two, but gained so much more experience from it.

1. Freddie M L0-2, W2-1
2. Will J. L1-2, L1-2
3. Miles J. L0-2, W2-0
4. Fin F. W2-0, W2-0
5. Oliver M. W2-1, W2-1
6. Jake C. L0-2, W2-0
7. Gracie F. W2-0, W2-0, L1-2
8. Molly J. W2-0, W2-0
9. Antonia V W2-0, L0-2

Special mention and good luck wishes to Freddie M and Sophie E who are representing Leicestershire U15 Girls this weekend in Halifax. It is a great achievement that these girls have been selected to represent the County. Two girls from Stoneygate out of a team of 5 players.

C. Abbott