U10 Hockey v Bilton Grange

A Team: Jemima, Liana (Capt.), Hattie, Milly B, Francesca, Millie P, Tallulah – Result: Won 3-0
B Team: Daisy, Eleanor, Emma, Annie, Millie L, Polly, Katie (Capt.) – Result: Drew 0-0

Bilton Grange were the visiting team for Stoneygate’s U’10 Girls and play eventually got under way after a storm delayed the start.

It was clear in the A team match, from the first whistle, that Stoneygate were the dominant side – their individual skills were strong and they wanted to win more than their opponents. The ball remained mostly in the Stoneygate attacking half and annoyingly for our solid defence of Jemima, Hattie and Liana, they had little to do but nevertheless they remained alert and scooped up the stray ball and progressed it forwards.

Our strong midfielders, Fran, Milly B and Millie P, along with CF Tallulah built on their team work yet again and this quartet made an assertive attack which Bilton were unable to compete with. Tallulah showed she had worked on her stick work and strong hitting and was able to by pass the defender, twisting her stick superbly. On two occasions she skilfully dribbled the ball into the shooting D, avoided the defence and struck the ball firmly into the goal. Milly B worked closely with Tallulah and helped the ball progress forwards constantly. Milly’s hard work contributed to both goals. Millie P did her usual tidying up of the loose ball – she is so efficient at retrieving the ball and sending it to her attacking team mates.

The A team’s 2nd half was a similar pattern. Bilton did ‘up’ their game a little and this gave Liana and Hattie a chance to show off their solid block tackles and ball clearance. Jemima, at GK, sadly! had no saves to make as Hattie and Liana formed an unstoppable defence before the ball reached her.

Milly B achieved her goal reward for never giving up the chase for the ball and her constant intercepting of the Bilton ball. Fran took an accurate and perfectly timed free hit to Milly who then ran quickly onto the ball, swept it into the shooting D and tucked it firmly into the goal. Well done to Fran and Milly. This was a super 3-0 win for this ever developing team of 7 girls.

Player of the Match and of the Day goes to Tallulah – her game finally taking a huge positive turn!
Special mention goes to Milly B for the reasons above – well done Milly.

The B team match was similar to last week’s Fairfield game – end to end play (mostly in the centre channel of the pitch – we need to work on this), near misses but no actual goals. We did however see some feisty Stoneygate play.

Captain Katie produced her normal high work load in both defence and attack. It must be mentioned that her role as Captain is exceptionally good! She encourages her players, making positive comments and helpful instructions throughout the game. She also is so well mannered when talking to her opponents. How pleasing it was to hear an A team player say what a great captain Katie makes – how super! Well done Katie.

Millie L had a particularly good game at centre mid where she is beginning to work out her positional role here and in this match it was superb to see her using her high fitness level to cover lots of the pitch and work so hard. Annie and Polly made some important ‘niggles’ which we had recently practised and this prevented Bilton from playing free-flowing hockey.

Our tremendous defence of Daisy, Emma and Eleanor worked well as a three, covering wherever possible for each other and keeping closer to their own positional play. Emma and Eleanor made vital block tackles as Bilton tried to break through. If the Bilton ball did progress, guess who was their guarding the goal? Super kicker Daisy! We are getting used to seeing her mighty strong kicks and this match was no different. She certainly saved at least 3 goals by timing her kick and using the strong inside of her heel to completely clear the ball. This is so exciting to watch and she made the encouraging crowd burst into applause! This GK performance earns Daisy the Player of the B Team. Well done Daisy.

Special mention goes to Katie and Millie L for the reasons above.

Very well done U’10 Girls.

Mrs S. Frisby