U’10 Hockey v Maidwell Hall – 17/9/2014

Result: Stoneygate 5 – Maidwell Hall 0

The excitement level was high, although tinged with slight nerves, as the Year 5 girls made a super start to their hockey season v Maidwell Hall at home. It was a hot and sunny day and the many spectating mums, dads and grandparents were watching in anticipation.

All the girls played, in either the 1st or 2nd half with no selection of A/B at this point.

The 1st half team dominated from the whistle and some pressing attacking play was seen by Tallulah, Polly, Francesca and Katie. Newly learnt skills were tried out (great!) especially by Polly at right-mid. Francesca used her high level of fitness to cover attack and defence superbly and Katie and Tallulah moved into effective spaces in the shooting circle. Both girls scored a deserved goal resulting from their hard work. Polly was very unlucky not to score having worked hard with her stick work to progress the ball.

The defending players actually had little to do but were always alert to the loose ball from Maidwell. Liana covered a huge amount of space and was quick to pounce on the ball. Emma was brave in approaching the attacker and showed safe block tackling. Daisy made the correct positional moves and watched the ball carefully. She overcame lots of nerves and settled well into her GK position.

So, 2-0 to Stoneygate as our 2nd half team came onto the pitch and wow! they certainly continued the Stoneygate feisty play. Milly B and Millie P were very determined and they supported each other in and around the shooting circle on several occasions, making an effective partnership. Millie P’s dribbling skills were particularly good. Millie L settled into her centre-mid role and she worked hard to get her shooting on target and finally got her reward. Milly B continued her strong centre forward work and scored 2 super goals, well done Milly! Annie responded well to approaching the ball and her stick work became stronger as the game went on.

Again the defence didn’t have too much to retrieve but of particular note was Hattie T’s first time block tackling and firm hit forwards! Eleanor backed up Hattie well and on two occasions had to tackle the Maidwell attack to stop them progressing. Jemima, also showing bravery to take on the GK position, moved effectively with play, sighting the ball very well and she was always alert.

An important and confidence boosting start for these girls who have huge potential!

Special mentions go to Polly and Millie P for successfully transferring their skills learnt in training into their game – excellent!
Player of the match goes to Francesca J for her noticeably high work rate, all over the pitch, which resulted in her stealing the ball in defence and setting up goals in attack – a super game Francesca.

Mrs S.Frisby