Sing Up Silver Award Journey

Stoneygate School is a school where singing is important. There are many things that demonstrate this – the 70 strong Senior Choir that rehearses twice weekly, the fact that we have all Year 3 and 4 pupils in Junior Choir rehearsing twice weekly, the way that Reception to Year 2 meet twice or thrice weekly for singing and the way that singing forms part of lessons in PE, Maths, English, Science, French, History …

We are starting the process of collecting evidence that Stoneygate sings in all sorts of ways, places and with all sorts of people in order to achieve this award. There is lots of information on the Sing Up website ( and I will be letting you know of more going on as term progresses.

2014-09-10 14.57.13

Reception to Year 2 in Hymn Practice led by Miss Finn on Wednesday 10 Sep 2014.

Mrs Ashwin