More Music Results …

Our Music Theory exam results have come through … well done to all who took them. Music Theory is a hoop that ABRSM exam candidates have to jump through. To take grade 6 practical exams with ABRSM you have to have passed Grade 5 Music Theory. The most fruitful way to deal with this is to start theory sessions as you start an instrument. We have three classes at Stoneygate. Please contact Mrs Ashwin ( if you are interested in more details about theory sessions – free of charge and as fun as we can make it!!!

Congratulations to:

  • Lucas H – Gr 1 Music Theory
  • Declan M – Gr 1 Music Theory with distinction
  • Hattie T – Gr 1 Music Theory with distinction
  • Molly J – Gr 1 Music Theory with distinction
  • Antonia V – Gr 3 Music Theory
  • Will J – Gr 3 Music Theory

Some more ABRSM practical results are also in for our pupils. More congratulations are in order …

  • Sofia D – Gr 1 Violin with distinction
  • Emma D – Gr 1 Piano with distinction

Aged 5 at the time of taking the exam, Sofia is our youngest pupil to have an ABRSM Grade 1 exam success (to the best of my knowledge)!

If there are any parents wanting to arrange individual music lessons for their child, please let me know and we can try and get it sorted for a September start.

Mrs Ashwin