Year 8 Film Workshop

The Year 8 children have been busy this week learning about film making. Their week long course is being run by the BAFTA award winning film director, Nigel Watis.
On Monday and Tuesday they learnt how to use the film and sound equipment and some filming techniques. They then developed their ideas for their short films and produced their treatments and shooting schedules and carried out recees.
One group is producing a ‘Stop the Co-Op’ film about the crematorium proposal and the three other groups are producing films about life at Stoneygate. These films will be taken to Peru by Madame Palfreymann, when she travels there during the summer holiday. She will be meeting the children of Ccorca that we have helped through our support of the Amantani charity.

Today was the shooting day and all of the groups worked really hard to get as many ‘shots in the can’ as possible.
Many thanks must go to all the staff and children who contributed to the films today.




On Thursday and Friday the next challenge will be for the children to edit their films together.
We look forward to seeing the finished articles next week. The Year 8’s will tell you that it is amazing how much work goes into producing a three minute film.