Y7 Rutland Water

Well, what drama Kezia!

We were half way through our pond dipping, bug hunting and bird watching morning at Rutland Water nature reserve, enjoying the lovely weather and rich array of creatures,  when Kezia started to feel ill, with horrible  pains across her chest and arm. She went pale and felt sick and couldn’t breath deeply and we feared she was having some sort of terrible heart seizure. An ambulance was called, and duly materialised. The paramedics poked her about a bit, asked lots of questions, took lots of measurements of heart rate and blood pressure, asked the same questions again, retook the measurements, then finally decided she had probably strained a muscle bowling too many cricket balls last night. Phew! By the time they decided that Kezia wasn’t about to peg out of us, the rest of the year had hopped on the coach with Mrs S and had returned to school for their lunch. Anyway, here are some pictures of the things we did, (minus the bird watching, because I was stuck in the med room!)

Pond dipping – we found dragonfly larvae, water boatmen, newts, sticklebacks (yay!) damsel fly nymphs and snails. Luckily everyone managed to stay out of the water.

Bug hunting. The best bit was watching the faces of all the students as they sniffed the violet ground beetle poo, produced as a defensive mechanism when they’re scared.

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