Netherhall Visits


This blog was written by y8 students…

Sam A…

On Monday 16th and Tues 17th June, Stoneygate Y8 exchanged schools with Nether Hall, a school for disabled children. On Monday I looked after a 14 year old boy called Kallum. He was quite difficult to understand because of his bad speech.

When the children arrived, we took them to our classroom. I helped Kallum to make a badge, and to decorate a bag and a cap. He couldn’t’ colour in very well but her was happy to do most the decorating himself. After I showed him how to make a paper aeroplane. He enjoyed throwing them at his teachers!


During break, me and Rhea decided to go to the junior playground and play on the swings and slides. We also looked at the sheep in the fields. Rhea really enjoyed this. We played tab and stuck in the mud. After playtime we all went to the hall from drama with Miss Guillain. We played copycat and follow the leader and we finished with the Hokie Kokie! It was so much fun!


After drama class we all went to Mrs Angell’s lab for science.  Then we showed the children how to melt chocolate from a flame. They helped stir the mixture too! They really enjoyed dipping marshmallows and apples into the chocolate and eating it!

Then we watched some chemical reactions using metals like sodium and potassium. The Netherhall students enjoyed the loud sound from the experiments. One boy, who didn’t watched from the sidelines with the door open which unfortunately set off the fire alarms, making the whole senior school have to leave the building to line up on the playground!

I was given two people to look after on the day and both had different ideas of what they wanted to do. I found myself running around the school looking for them!


After that My Palmer set up some activities like badminton and some soft volleyballs. We played with our friends. It was great fun. Then we threw the ball around on the grass and we got a rally of 24! We also kicked footballs around on the grass.p>

The next day was our return visit to see our new friends at Netherhall. One group helped in the sixth form


I went to help the sixth form who are about to take their exams in environmental issues. They were learning about littering and how they could help the environment. I helped them write their answers and check their spellings. This was  a challenge because some were blind and some couldn’t talk. We then had a maths lesson and practical counting in fives and tens. Outside we measured things we found in the playground. I found this challenging because I was with a boy who kept shouting and threatening people and with a girl with very strong autism who didn’t look me in the eye at first.


We went into an area of the school called soft play. We were all very surprised. The school wasn’t the prettiest school but the equipment was very good. There was a ball pool which Amber, Sam and Jon enjoyed “splashing” around in. The soft play area was quite large. Sam got on especially well with a girl called Rhea. Rhea said he looked cute with his school tie on. Kallum liked the spinning balls. Brogan said that Sam was her GIRLFRIEND. She also kept hugging me and saying “happy birthday”!


At break we went outside to the playground and played basket ball. We also played with a great variety of pedal bikes and cars. We had a great day and we were very lucky with the weather.

Sam N

In music we had to compose a piece of music to accompany a video of a courgette plant growing. Sam played the harp, Marcus played the triangle, Jon played the xylophone, Kallum played the drum and so on. The music leader played the flute and when all the music was put together it actually sounded quite good. After that all the groups joined up and we played a big piece with lots of noise, before heading home.

Here are some photos of our Nether Hall exchange.