South Leicestershire Athletics Area Sports 2014

Stoneygate’s Athletics Team spent the whole day at Saffron Lane Athletics Track on Friday 23rd May for the annual Area Championships for Years 7-9. Our team of 11 boys and 12 girls were selected following their performances at school and they were to compete against high schools in the South of Leicestershire. The top performers from this competition are rewarded with selection to the Leicestershire County Championships on Saturday 14th June. Competition is high, nerves and athletic skills are absolutely tested and all in all the day brings a very valuable experience, perhaps one which the children will never forget!

Year 7 children compete against other Year 7s but our Year 8 children have to face Year 8 and 9 athletes and schools do tend to send a Year 9 team. This is obviously more difficult for Stoneygate’s Year 8s and our school are the only team in the competition who do not have any Year 9 competitors. Noticeably, we are also a tiny team when compared with the likes of Kibworth High! However, we choose to go along to reap the huge personal benefits that our children gain from taking part and competing in an athletics arena.

Stoneygate’s Results:-

Boys’ Track Events –
Will J, 100m – 6th Heat
Spencer N, 100m – 5th Heat
George W, 800m – 5th Straight final
Seb S, 800m – 9th Straight final
Philip W, 1500m – 3rd Straight final
Ollie T, 200m – 4th Heat
Sam N, 1500m – 12th Straight final
Harry Mc, 300m – 4th Heat
Jon D, 100m (not able to run) but ran a super relay leg
4 x 100m Relay – 8th Final

Boys’ Field Events –
Finley F, High Jump – 1st (Personal best- 1.30m)
Pip J, Shot – 2nd (Personal best – 7.99m)

Girls’ Track Events –
Maddie S-C, 100m – 2nd Heat, 3rd Final
Hattie G, 100m – 7th Heat
Lara P, 200m – 3rd Heat
Millie G, 200m – 7th Heat
Joni H, 1200m – 5th Straight final
Annie R, 1200m – 7th Straight final
Ella-Rose I, 800m – 3rd Straight final (Personal best- 2.39)
4 x 100m Relay – 6th Final

Girls’ Field Events –
Jemima P, High Jump – 2nd (Personal best- 1.30m)
Freddie M, Long Jump – 4th (Personal best – 3.46m)
Fran J, High Jump – 6th
Sophie E, Javelin – 7th
Hattie S, Javelin – 8th

The following children qualify for the Leics. County Championships when they will be invited to compete for the South Leicestershire Team:

Finley F – High Jump, Maddie S-C – 100m, Jemima P – High Jump (awaiting confirmation)

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the Championships. The P.E. Staff felt enormously proud of Stoneygate’s sportsmanship, support to team mates, helpfulness and behaviour. Our team were a pleasure to spend the day with and they achieved some superb results!

Mr Clancy, Mrs Fielding and Mrs Frisby