Sam A at the Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts

On Thursday and Friday last week, I took part in the Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts, one of the most prestigious Performing Arts Festival in Great Britain. I stayed at my Great-Aunt’s, and took part in two classes, one on Thursday and one on Friday, on my violin. In the first class, I was one of four competitors: A cellist, me, and two other violinists. I came second, beating the cellist and one of the violinists. For coming second, I won a silver medal. In the second class, I was up against nine other people, all aged 18 or under: An oboist, a cellist, two guitarists, and five other violinists. The standard of the playing was amazing, with most of them being post Grade 8 level. I was very pleased to come third, losing to two other violinists. I therefore won another medal, this time bronze for third. My time in Cheltenham was fantastic, especially to meet many other great young musicians, and to play in the Cheltenham Town Hall.

Sam A, Yr 8