Senior Choir Spring Concert

On Thursday 3 April, Senior Choir performed a delightful concert. We had prepared a range of pieces and a number of Year 7 pupils had solos and a duet to sing. Special mention goes to Will J for stepping in on the morning of the concert to sing Keel’s Trade Winds, one of his grade 5 pieces, as a lovely solo. It is hard to start writing about individual soloists and pieces without mentioning them all, but one of my best moments was the performance of Britten’s I mun be married on Sunday. This is a miniature piece and the choir sang with so many different colours and put across a real understanding of the song. The echoes, sung by Yr 5, were done with a confidence and determination and showed a high level of skill in this year group.  

Image   Image

Mr Ashwin and I were so pleased with the consistency in the singing and the concentration and effort shown by everyone. The audience was very warm and encouraging and really demonstrated to the children how much their talents are appreciated.

We will begin working towards out next concert (Thurs 12 June at 5pm) straight after the Easter holiday. Plans will soon be underway for our 2015 Senior Choir tour to Belgium! We are extremely excited about taking such a great group of singers to such a lovely country. 

Mrs Ashwin