More success for Stoneygate runners at South Leicestershire races

The final race of the South Leicestershire Schools cross country season took place on 27th March in the most torrential rain and muddy conditions. Our large team of 36 runners were undeterred by the weather and slippery course and they raced in true Stoneygate spirit!

For the majority, this race was their second appearance at the Market Harborough Leisure Centre course but for some, due to other school commitments on the day of the first race, it was their first experience. This gathering of approximately 30 schools from the South Leics area can be a daunting experience – runners, parents, teachers, loud speakers, nerves, noise and uncertainty – not the place for the faint-hearted!

Everyone sheltered from the rain until the last minute and then emerged, leaving just enough time to warm up and remove a few layers of clothing. The races were systematically run, beginning with the year 3 children. Each race had around 60-100 runners. Some ‘hares’ from Year 9 at Welland Park school had dutifully volunteered to lead each of the 6 races and they did a fantastic job, taking it in turns to either run or encourage all the children in their races. Hares are a great idea as it’s always quite a comfort to know you are running the correct route!, more so for the younger children.

The children lined up on the start, all wearing their school colours, and stormed into the finishing funnel all pretty much the same muddy colour – this was true cross country experience!

The Stoneygate team raced incredibly well – out of our team of 36 we had 20 CHILDREN WHO ACHIEVED A TOP 10 POSITION!

Year 3
Millie P- 12th, Evie S – 3rd, Amy W – 14th, Gizella P – 4th, Joanna W – 5th
Harris A – 1st, Dylan I – 11th, James K – 13th, Freddie C – 18th

Year 4
Melissa B – 4th, Francesca J – 2nd, Camilla P – 7th, Jemima MC – 16th, Liana B – 12th
Will M – 6th, Will MC – 5th, James B – 37th, George C 24th

Year 5
Beatrice R – 5th, Izzy C – 4th, Jasmine MC – 3rd, Emily M – 10th, Ilona P 29th
Montague M 27th, Caspian EG 6th, Hugo F 17th

Year 6
Eleanor B – 4th, Pippa N – 8th, Eloise M – 9th
Finley F – 3rd, Kian B – 6th, Jake C – 18th, Archie G – 10th, Dominic A – 23rd, Henry V – 12th, Henry B – 22nd

A special mention and congratulations must go to HARRIS who won his Year 3 race, well and truly making up for his disappointment at the recent Cross Country County Championships.


Mrs S. Frisby