Stoneygate Bake Off


Wow! What a fantastic response we had to the Bake Off this year.  We had over 120 entries with good representation from each year.  Each of the entries were delicious and a great amount of effort was put into presentation.  The cakes were sold at pick up and currently over £150 has been raised for Fiona Cairns charity.


The Winners are detailed below and prizes will be awarded after the Easter Holidays.


Pre School:                                                                                                       

            1st – Eva H                                              

            2nd – Griffin B

            3rd – Roseanna B



            1st – Isobelle S

            2nd – Sam C

            3rd – Flora W


Year One:

            1st – Darcey S

            2nd – William A

            3rd – Izzy H


Year Two:

            1st – Mia H

            2nd – Tabitha C

            3rd – George U


Year Three:

            1st – Gizella P

            2nd – Hannah M

            3rd – Tasia D


Year Four:

            1st – Tallulah W

            2nd – Edward B

            3rd – William M


Year Five:

            1st – Mustafa M

            2nd – Jasmine M

            3rd – Erin Smith


Year Six:

            1st – Oliver M

            2nd – Sian Brewin

            3rd – Molly Johnson


Year Seven:

            1st – Caitlin Geraghty

            2nd – Harriet Stamp

            3rd – Annie Rhodes


Year Eight:

            1st – Olly Tyler


Thank you to our judges, Mrs Walter, Mrs Sillett and Mrs Dobby (Mrs Mills mother). 



From the Stoneygate School Association