Boys squash v Stamford

Boys Squash v Stamford
On Monday 2nd March – Away

We travelled to play Stamford Senior School (their Year 9s). The standard was quite good, as the Stamford boys play squash regularly. As usual we had great strength in depth. Each player played against two opponents, playing ‘best of three games’ with each one. Max W had a great match playing up the order and was taken to a final game, but true to form he came back strongly and took the final game with ease. Philip W was pushed hard and enjoyed a very closely fought match with the Stamford No.2. Having taken the first game, he couldn’t quite maintain the pressure on his opponent as he lost the final two games but both were pretty close. Sam N also suffered at the hands of their No.2, losing by the same score. Sam A played well against a Year 10 player and recorded an easy victory. The following players also won both of their games: Will J, Miles J and Kipp A.

The results were as follows:

1. Sam A. – Won 2-0 and won 2-0
2. Sam N. – Lost 1-2 and Lost 1-2
3. Philip W – Won 2-0 and Lost 1-2
4. Max W. – Won 2-1 and Won 2-0
5. Edward G. – Lost 1-2 and Lost 0-2
6. Will J. – Won 2-0 and won 2-0
7. Miles J. – Won 2-0 and won 2-0
8. Kipp A. – Won 2-0 and won 2-0
9. Matt B. – Won 2-0 and Lost 0-2

This was the last Squash fixture for this term and the last Stoneygate squash match for all the Year 8s (Sam A, Sam N, Kipp A, Edward G and Matt B). Most of these boys have represented the Stoneygate Squash team for many years and it will be sad to lose them. We have had another amazing season remaining unbeaten yet again. I hope all the Year 8s continue to play at their next schools with the same success. Well done everyone!

C. Abbott