Rainbows Festival of Fireworks

For the eleventh year running the school is planning to support the Rainbows Festival of Fireworks.
We traditionally make a giant ‘guy’ that goes on top of the giant bonfire at the event.
This year we are hoping to make a giant ‘monster’ inspired by the ‘Frankenstein’ books and films. The children have been asked to draw a picture of their scary ‘creature’ and to hand it to Mr Palmer.
We will start the construction next week, so please get your ideas down on paper as soon as possible.
The child that produces the winning design will get the chance to light the bonfire at the event on Saturday 1st November at Leicester Racecourse.


Brownlee Triathlon

On the 21st September Mr Clancy completed the Brownlee Triathlon at Harewood House, near Leeds. The race consisted of a 750m open water swim, a 28km bike ride and a 5.5km cross country run.



Mr Clancy is pictured above with the Brownlee brothers and other competitors.

Mr Clancy would like to say a big thank you to everyone for their kind words of support and for their sponsorship (which raised £800 for Macmillan).

Colts C (TAG Rugby) v Copthill

The Colts C team won their first match of the season away at Copthill on Wednesday 24th September.

Stoneygate played fast flowing attacking rugby, scoring twenty tries in total. Man of the match George B scored eleven tries, demonstrating outstanding running skills.


George B (11 tries)
Henry T (6 Tries)
George A (1 try)
Edward B
Lucas H (1 try)
Declan M
Max Harris (1 Try)

Final Score
Copthill 80-100 Stoneygate

Keyboard Sale

Our fleet of keyboards has recently been updated and we are selling off the old stock to willing and friendly homes. Mr Hudson will be standing outside the Pre-School on Friday 3 October (good weather willing) selling keyboards to anyone with £25. He might even give you a quick demo!

A keyboard is an ideal instrument for your child to have at home as it is small, portable and you can plug headphones in! It is also great for developing rhythmic awareness and understanding of chords. If you are unable to make the sale, but would like to purchase one at these at an extremely reasonable rate, please contact Mr Hudson.

2014-09-26 15.02.56

Mrs Ashwin

Year 2 This Week ……

All the members of the afterschool club Taekwondo are really enjoying their lessons.

What an exciting science lesson we had this week. The objective of this electricity lesson was to understand how electricity works inside batteries, and that batteries have positive and negative ends. Everyone had brought in a torch with working batteries. The children worked in pairs taking their batteries out and re-inserting them correctly. Then they swapped over. Everyone did really well, as you can see all the torches are working! ELECTRIC!!

In our literacy lessons this week we have been making alphabetical order dragon menus. Our dragons were so hungry they could eat anything! The dragons enjoyed munching on houses, fluff, rainbows, igloos and even teachers!! Naughty dragons!! All the Year 2 children produced some lovely detailed drawings, very eye catching delicious menus indeed!!


Singing Skeleton in Science

Year 4 have been learning the bones in the body – in song! Here are some pictures of them singing ” Skull bone, jaw bone, sternum rib, sternum rib, sternum rib ” to the tune of Merrily we roll along!    There’s lots more verses after that, involving scapula, clavicle, vertebrae, pelvis, tibia, humerus, radius,even phalanges. Ask any year 4 for a demo!

IMG_5563 IMG_5564 IMG_5569 IMG_5571

Colts A Rugby v Maidwell

The Stoneygate School Colts A team entertained Maidwell Hall at school on Wednesday 24th September 2014 on a glorious afternoon for rugby.

The team, consisting of Ed B (Captain), Olly H, Spike M, Kai W, Karan M, Hugo F, Jack U, George H, Kian D, Will McE, Will M and Tom M, played 12 a side against a strong Maidwell Hall team, who had already played five matches this term, winning all of them by large scores.

Defence and individual tackling was thus the order of the day and to a boy Stoneygate produced a fantastic rear guard action, preventing the opposition from crossing the line on numerous occasions. In addition, they made some good runs into the opposition half, only to be thwarted by fine organisation and a defensive wall of some note. It was, however, not going to be long before our line faltered and Maidwell went into the half time break 19 points to 0 in the lead.

The second half started in a similar vein, with Maidwell capitalising on two Stoneygate errors to extend their lead to 33 – 0. With this Stoneygate found some form and constant raids into the Maidwell Half by Captain Ed B and Olly H spurred the team on. Eventually a try was scored, albeit from a piece of foul play by the opposition. More Stoneygate tries could have been scored had chances with overlaps not been ignored, but there were plenty of positives to take from the game.

Man of the Match award went to Captain Ed B, for his outstanding tackling and his constant threat when in possession. Champagne moment had to go to Olly H and his break for the try line, only to be denied by a high tackle, the result of which was a penalty try.

Well done all the team and a huge thank you to all the parents who came and supported the team during a difficult match.

Mr Jelly