U’10 Netball v Grantham Prep – 15/10/2014

The U’10 girls played a ‘one off’, early season netball match against visitors Grantham Prep. The weather was perfect and lots of spectators watched keenly from the sideline. The girls were looking forward to reverting back to netball after a busy hockey term.

Grantham were not keen to play by the High 5 rotation, as the 2 Stoneygate teams did, but this was fine as it gave everyone a chance to play in different positions and also to shoot. It did add a touch more pressure as our opposition clearly had established shooters but it had the desired effect, it made our teams work hard! and it was good to see the girls playing well in any position! This is very positive.

A Team: Tallulah, Milly B (Captain), Katie, Fran, Jemima, Lian, Hattie Result:Won 2-1

The A team game was full of action, all over the court, for the whole game, but there were only 3 goals. Defending from both sides was excellent and the highlight of the game was the high number of interceptions, by both teams.

Special mention goes to Hattie for her raised concentration level and her super passing to Fran.
Player of the match goes to Fran for her 2 important goals and for her usual, non stop, hard work.

This was a very determined win and all 7 girls certainly played their part, well done everyone. I’m looking forward to the netball season!

B Team: Polly, Millie L, Millie P, Eleanor, Annie, Daisy (Captain), Emma could not play today Result:Won 7-3

The B team game was a little one-sided, Stoneygate being the much stronger team. However, the girls made sure they still put the pressure on themselves to play hard and seal their result. It was pleasing to see that 4 out of 6 girls scored goals (Millie P scoring 4!) – Polly, Daisy and Millie L scoring the other 3. The game actually looked fun, with lots of smiles and a few shrieks of laughter, great! The girls enjoyed the game and Annie especially, voiced her opinion and said “I loved it!”. Brilliant, it quite made my day.

Special mention does indeed go to Annie for giving us all glimpses of her super enthusiasm, lovely interceptions and the biggest smile!
Player of the match and of the day goes to Millie P for her 4 goals, all scored with such effective style, and her attitude for always trying her absolute best.

A super win for our Super B Team!

A separate mention must go to our 2 excellent, newly appointed Captains, Milly B and Daisy, for taking their job very seriously and completing all their tasks with such high standards. We were proud of you both.

Mrs S. Frisby

Warwick Rugby Training Day

Fifteen boys from the Colts A and B squads had a super day out on Friday. They attended the annual Warwick School rugby training day.
The morning comprised of a series of rugby skills sessions, led by Worcester Warriors and Warwick School coaches.
After lunch the boys took part in a mini tournament, playing three schools.
The boys played some super rugby and showed clear progress over their three games. We drew one game and lost two, but they performed well in all the matches.
Awards were given to the best back and best forward in each team. We nominated Matthew W as our ‘best back’. This is quite a story as Matthew started this half of term playing for the C team and he ended it starring for the A team. It just goes to show how far you can go with heart, effort and concentration. Well done Matt!
Our ‘best forward’ award went to Caspian E-G. He shone in both defence and attack. He has also played for both the B and A teams this term, but has now firmly secured his place in the A team. They received their awards from Charlie Hayter, who has played for the England 7’s team.
Well done to the rest of the boys: Kian D, Kia W, James B, Karan M, George H, Ed B, Sidd B, Will M, Tom M, Will McE, Spike M, Jack U and Hugo F. They all represented the school very well and enjoyed the day.
Thanks also go to Mr Clancy for taking on the role of A team coach for the day and doing a super job.











Year 4 girls Netball

Match against Bilton Grange.

The team:  Evie (C), Millie, Joanna, Amy, Gizella, Tasia and Eliza
Bilton Grange brought an A and B team to play against us.  They decided to play their A team for the first half of the match and their B’s for the second half.

The match was quick from the start and was end to end, but we quickly scored in the first quarter with a goal from Evie, who scored a further 2 goals, and Millie scored  1, giving us a strong lead after the first quarter.  Bilton Grange were stronger and defended more vigorously in the second quarter, but were still no match for the speed and agility of Evie and Millie in attack.  Gizella stuck to their center like glue and gave her little chance to receive the ball and Amy and Joanna intercepted the ball every time it came their way, making a strong defence.  A very strong Stoneygate performance and the final score was Stoneygate 6, Bilton Grange 1.

For the final two quarters, we changed the team around to play Bilton’s B team.  Joanna scored 2 good goals which were very well deserved against a tenacious Bilton defender.  Tasia worked very hard in defence to stop her opponent from receiving the ball and scoring and Eliza always found space in the middle of the court enabling good linking play.  Everybody worked really hard and deserved the 2 – 1 win.

Thank you very much for the support from the family and friends and have an enjoyable half term.

Mrs Ward




Reception went on a Bear Hunt!

The children in reception had an exciting although a little wet day out Hunting for a Bear in the Attenborough Arboretum. They made sure they had everything they needed for a successful trip – binoculars, map, torch and a towel.










They acted out the story We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and followed the map taking them through the long wavy grass, squelchy mud, splashy river, dark forest and a howling snowstorm before they found the bear hiding in a gloomy cave.









The children had a fun time completing literacy and art activities linked to the story and displayed these on a long sheet of paper showing their journey.


We concluded our day by standing under the story tree and telling the story one last time using some sign language.




Wednesday 15th October  


Stoneygate School U13A V’s Dixie Grammar School  U13A

Stoneygate won 3-1


Team: Lara (captain), Gracie, Fran, Hattie G, Hattie S, Joni, Freddie, Annie, Charlotte (GK).


This was Stoneygate’s first win of the season and certainly deserved the victory as all the team played with great determination and spirt. A great team effort!


Special Mention to:

  • Lara for her excellent skills, ball control and defending skills.
  • Fran for her excellent block tackling throughout the game.

Player of the match: Hattie G for persevering in defence and for applying what was discussed at half time into the second half of her game.

U13B Girls Hockey v Dixie Grammar

U13B Girls Hockey v Dixie Grammar

On Wednesday 15th October – Away

Team: Caitlin G, Molly J, Pippa N, Eleanor B, Milly G (Capt.), Antonia V, Sophie E, Freya A & Charlotte N

Dixie Grammar are notoriously strong at hockey so the girls were well prepared for a tough match. After a late start, we began piling on the pressure, gaining possession for the majority of the time. Dixie had very few chances in the first half, but there was one shot on target that Caitlin managed to kick out well preventing a goal.

Given that most of the play was in our half, we had more shots at goal. Molly, from just inside the ‘D’, took her chance and struck powerfully towards the goal.and without a deflection, the ball went straight in, giving us the advantage. We capitalised on this and fairly quickly, Molly had another chance which she scored from.

With a two goal advantage, we were looking stronger and stronger .Pippa and Milly, in defence were awesome, but did not often get the ball as it remained with Stoneygate. Antonia, Eleanor and Sophie on the wing, played the ball nicely in to Molly who dealt with it superbly. In the second half, Sophie scored another great goal, securing our win. Congratulation girls on a fine victory.

Final score: Stoneygate beat Dixie Grammar 3 – 0

Special mention to Molly for scoring two great goals

Player of the match goes to Pippa for her excellent work in defence and her delivery of the ball on short corners.

C. Abbott

This Week in Year 1…

…. we have been busy in art making masks using mostly natural materials (leaves and sticks) and decorating with some man-made feathers. We think they look fab.

In literacy we watched demonstrations from Mrs Sillett and Mrs Veary on how to carve a pumpkin, we then had to use sentence openers to write the process in our books.

Mrs Sillett was so pleased with the writing her children produced about their trip to Warwick Castle that she awarded 2 stars of the week on Tuesday. Mr Morris read out some extracts from their work in assembly. Well done George and Alfie.

We all had a great onesie day on Friday.